Upcoming Events

October 22 – Spire! An Evening of Delicious Wines

If you love amazing wine and Solare food, you will not want to miss this. The best single collection of wines that I have encountered recently comes from a company named Spire. They represent some of the very best wines from Italy and the US. Every time I meet with the Spire folks I think: “I wish everyone who visits Solare and loves great wines could try these wines too.”. Now is our chance! Nick Holmes, a level II Sommelier from the Court of Master Sommeliers, will lead the tasting of 5 incredible wines – 3 from Tuscany and 2 from the US. He will go into fun detail on the differences between varietals like Cabernet Franc in how they are grown and vinified in Italy versus California. And this will be paired with a 4-course dinner designed by Chef Accursio. The price for the 5 wines and 4-course dinner is $68++. Dinner at 6:45pm and reception at 6:15pm. RSVP – you’ll be happy you did! View Menu here

October 23 – Taste of Point Loma

We are delighted to announce that we will be at the annual “Taste of Point Loma”. Join Solare and the San Diego Yacht Club for the 4th annual Taste of Point Loma featuring food and drink from many of the local favorite restaurants, wineries, breweries and more. This year’s Taste of Point Loma will tie into the International Masters Regatta weekend, bringing some of the sailing legends from around the world to San Diego for a weekend of competition on the bay. The event goes from 5pm to 8pm. All info including ticket purchase can be found here: Taste of Point Loma

October 25 – Cooking Class: Ossobucco and Risotto – Sold Out

For this class, you will be transported form San Diego to Lombardia, Italy, to learn how the perfect Ossobuco is made. The key to classic Ossobuco is exactly how the meat is braised, and that is one of many things you will learn from Chef Accursio. Lombardia is famous for their Ossobuco! And what does a wonderful plate of Osso Buco need? Risotto! Chef Accursio will also lead you to prepare the world’s best risotto where the rice is the prefect level of “creamy-ness” but the kernels are still whole and firm. This is great risotto – but it is not easy to make – unless you join this class! The fun starts at 10:30am at Solare with an Italian-style coffee of your choice and a pastry. Italian wine is served for students interested in “cooking with wine”. – Limit 10 — Contact us for details.

October 26 – Solare – Our 2-Year Anniversary

I can’t believe it has been two years already! Yay!

October 29 – Feast of Campania!

Each month, we have a special tasting dinner where we feature a different region of Italy. This month it’s Campania! Campania is rich in culture, especially in regard to gastronomy, music, architecture, archeological and ancient sites such as Pompeii and Herculaneum and the Amalfi Coast. The name of Campania itself is derived from Latin, as the Romans knew the region as Campania felix, which translates into English as “fertile countryside”.

Campanian cuisine is famous! Neapolitan dishes center on seafood, and Casertan and Aversan ones rely more on fresh vegetables and cheeses. The cuisine from Sorrento combines the culinary traditions from both Naples and Salerno. Pizza was conceived in Naples including the ever-popular Margherita. And Neapolitans were among the first Europeans to use tomatoes not only as ornamental plant, but also as food and garnish. Spaghetti is also a well-known dish from southern Italy and Campania. Buffalo mozzarella cheese comes from Campania! The list goes on and on! ;-)

It is a 10-course feast served family style at community tables. $59++/person. 6:45pm dinner and 6:15pm reception. It is a “foodie’s” delight! RSVP. Watch a Video about the Feast of Roma that Accursio and I made to get a feeling for the Feasts ~~ Contact us for reservations!

October 31 – Halloween

Come join us at Solare for Halloween (it’s a Friday night!) and see our Team with our faces painted in the theme of Dia de los Muertos. We are having special cocktails for the weekend. Italian Halloween at Solare!

Every Thursday Night – Live Jazz View Flyer

We love jazz of the style from the late 1950’s and early 1960’s … and that is exactly what the Chris Lea Jazz Experience plays every Thursday night starting at 8:30pm. Join us!