Upcoming Events

July 30 – Caymus Awesome Dinner – with both Caymus Cabs!

OK – you know Caymus. You know that they produce incredible cabs. So — we are having an awesome dinner where we will include both the Caymus Napa Valley 40th Anniversary Cabernet Sauvignon as well as the Caymus Special Selection. Wow! This is a 4-course dinner designed by Chef Accursio and we will have Sheridan Dowling lead the wine discussions of 5 wines made by the Wagner Family (they own Caymus). Caymus info can be found here — and here is info on the Wagner Family. Contact us for details asap as it will sell out. $74++/person. The dinner starts at 6:45pm – with a reception with Sheridan at 6:15pm. If you love Caymus wines – including their new 40th Anniversary Cab – then be at this dinner. For sure! ~~ Menu Here

August 10 – 3rd Annual Loving Local Music and Local Food Festival

Chef Accursio and other great San Diego chefs will be cooking at this important event! It’s an elegant night out – and it all helps to support Blues Lovers United San Diego and Slow Food Urban San Diego. The 3rd Annual Loving Local Music and Local Food participants enjoy a beautiful waterfront view. Dinner guests get to sit down for a gourmet four-course dinner, featuring delicious locally grown foods, prepared by some of San Diego’s top chefs. Organic, local, and sustainable – it doesn’t get any better. The benefit will be taking place at Driscoll’s Wharf in Point Loma. Get your tickets here

August 16 – Cooking Class: A Journey to Sicily

Join chef Accursio for a culinary experience with typical dishes from his homeland. Need I say more!! Learn all about the nuances of Sicilian cooking right in Solare’s own kicthen. The fun starts at 10:30am at Solare with an Italian-style coffee of your choice and a pastry. Italian wine is served for students interested in “cooking with wine”. – Limit 10 – Contact us for details.

August 20 – Feast of Calabria!

Each month, we have a special tasting dinner where we feature a different region of Italy. This month it’s Calabria! If Sicily is considered the “football” of Italy, then Calabria is the toe of the boot. Since only a thin sliver of water separates these two regions, their histories, landscapes, crops, etc. are closely entwined. The cuisine is a wonderful balance of meat-based dishes (pork, lamb, goat), vegetables (especially eggplant), and fish. Pasta (as in Central Italy and the rest of Southern Italy) is also very important in Calabria. In contrast to most other Italian regions, Calabrians have traditionally placed an emphasis on the preservation of their food, in part because of the climate.

In Calabrian cuisine, pork is the preferred meat. Preserving meat as sausage, ham and salame keeps it fresh through the year. Calabrian cuisine also includes plenty of fresh seafood caught in Tyrrhenian waters — every town has its own version of baccalà. Top vegetables include eggplants, peppers, tomatoes, asparagus, artichokes, peas, and beans. Porcini mushrooms grow great in Calabria! Calabria was settled by Italic Oscan-speaking tribes such as the Oenotrians (roughly translated into the “vine-cultivators”). There is 3,000 years of rich cultural history (the famed mathematician Pythagoras even lived here). It is a 10-course feast served family style at community tables. $59++/person. 6:45pm dinner and 6:15pm reception. It is a “foodie’s” delight! RSVP. Watch a Video about the Feast of Roma that Accursio and I made to get a feeling for the Feasts ~~ Contact us for reservations! info@solarelounge.com

August 30 – Cooking Class: Gnocchi and Bolognese

A full immersion in gnocchi and slow braised Bolognese sauce — the essence of the Emilia-Romagna region.
You will learn to twist the traditional recipe of gnocchi, by filling them with sausages, by creating different tastes, and shapes, so you can surprise your family and guest at home. The fun starts at 10:30am at Solare with an Italian-style coffee of your choice and a pastry. Italian wine is served for students interested in “cooking with wine”. – Limit 10 – Contact us for details.

Every Thursday Night – Live Jazz View Flyer

We love jazz of the style from the late 1950’s and early 1960’s … and that is exactly what the Chris Lea Jazz Experience plays every Thursday night starting at 8:30pm. Join us!